Introduction to SAP Fiori

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Introduction to SAP Fiori
Introduction to SAP Fiori

SAP is, as a rule, very complicated to digest for end users. In order to address this issue, SAP has implemented a new solution, greatly improving the quality of use. Thanks to SAP Fiori, end users now have a modern and intuitive interface, but also responsive. So, in this article, we will make an Introduction to SAP Fiori.

What is Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a new user interface technology, which provides access to the SAP system and its database. SAP Fiori is therefore an alternative to the SAP GUI. The interface consists of applications (Fiori apps), which the user can customize according to his needs. As with the SAP GUI, roles and authorizations determine which applications the user can access.

SAP Fiori - login page
SAP Fiori - login page
SAP Fiori - home page
SAP Fiori - home page

In terms of technology, SAP Fiori Launchpad is a web application based on SAPUI5 that acts as an application container and is used to host several applications such as SAPUI5 components, Web Dynpro ABAP components, SAP GUI HTML, URLs etc.

What are the avatanges of Fiori?

The Fiori interface has been designed to greatly facilitate the user experience. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the features of the Fiori solution:

  • The interface is responsive. Indeed, it adapts itself according to the device used (tablet, mobile phone, computer).
  • The design of the applications is standardized and intuitive.
  • The user interface is simplified and modern.
  • Improved productivity due to time savings.

Application types

The SAP Fiori version offers three different types of applications: Transactional apps, Fact Sheets & Analytic apps. Let's see what the differences are.

Transactional Apps

Transactional apps allow you to execute a business process, such as creating a production order or creating a purchase order.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets allow you to display the main information about a particular object, such as the main information about a supplier or a customer.

Analytic Apps

Analytic apps allow to create graphs and statistics in order to obtain reporting information according to the business process.

Fiori library apps

In order to be able to search for Fiori applications more efficiently, SAP has developed a very interesting web solution:

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