Who are you?



If you are attracted to the SAP world or if you are already a seasoned consultant, you can count on us to accompany you throughout your learning process.


You use SAP or you aim to install it, we intervene for consulting missions, projects or training.


If you want to add more or less in-depth knowledge of SAP ERP to your students' skill set, you should use Key User Training.

Are you an individual?

Take advantage of our personalized coaching offer for an accompaniment adapted to your needs and your rhythm. Service billed by the hour at a rate of 92.8€ / hour, without commitment, on the subject of your choice.

Are you a company?

We put our expertise at your disposal for specific projects. Take advantage of our experience to meet your needs, whether for assignments or training. Whether you are an end client, a training organization or a back-to-work organization, call on Key User Training.

Are you a school?

We have the competence, but above all we have the pedagogical spirit. Ask us to provide training sessions (lectures, tutorials or practical work) in your school. We adapt to all levels.

They work with us

They have chosen key user training FOR serenity.

Do you have any questions?


We intervene for training, consulting and audit missions for individuals, companies and schools. Our core business: logistics, and more specifically the PM (Plant Maintenance), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), WM (Warehouse Management) / eWM (Extended Warehouse Management), PP (Production Planning), IM (Inventory Management) modules.

No, we also intervene for missions and projects, such as rollouts or support, long projects or specific expertise with high added value.

Personalized coaching is generally used by individuals to develop their skills on a specific subject. Usually performed online, one-on-one coaching is charged at €92.8 per hour and is non-binding. Sessions are scheduled around the student's schedule and the designated expert and are recorded and sent to the student in video format.

No, the personalized coaching is without commitment and charged by the hour at 92,8€ per hour.

We are specialized in logistics, and more particularly in PM (Plant Maintenance) / EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), WM (Warehouse Management) / eWM (Extended Warehouse Management), PP (Production Planning), IM (Inventory Management) modules. We also provide more technical missions such as ABAP development, roles and authorizations management, data recovery tools etc...

You just have to make an appointment via our link and reserve 15min with our SAP expert. He will collect your needs and define the best expert to accompany you in the most efficient way.