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Key User Training is an SAP training and consulting company based in Luxembourg. Founded in 2022 by Pierre and Michael, two SAP experts and enthusiasts, Key User Training is your point of contact for all types of SAP projects.

Key User Training offers expertise, consulting and auditing services, for you as an individual or for your company / school. We also offer a subscription-based SAP training platform with unlimited access to all content.

Our training platform is not only limited to learning SAP functionalities. Other contents like Excel, VBA, Power BI, Microsoft Project or Share Point are available to make you a complete consultant.

SAP is an integrated business management system that enables organizations to manage their business operations by integrating multiple business processes such as finance, supply chain management, human resources, sales and distribution. It is a very popular business management software that is used by many large companies around the world to improve their efficiency and profitability.

Our training platform contains digital content available on demand. Our personalized coaching sessions or training/assignment projects can be done remotely or in person depending on your needs.

You can contact us by making an appointment with one of our experts (15min) or use our contact form.

SAP expertise

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We intervene for training, consulting and audit missions for individuals, companies and schools. Our core business: logistics, and more specifically the PM (Plant Maintenance), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), WM (Warehouse Management) / eWM (Extended Warehouse Management), PP (Production Planning), IM (Inventory Management) modules.

No, we also intervene for missions and projects, such as rollouts or support, long projects or specific expertise with high added value.

Personalized coaching is generally used by individuals to develop their skills on a specific subject. Usually performed online, one-on-one coaching is charged at €92.8 per hour and is non-binding. Sessions are scheduled around the student's schedule and the designated expert and are recorded and sent to the student in video format.

No, the personalized coaching is without commitment and charged by the hour at 92,8€ per hour.

We are specialized in logistics, and more particularly in PM (Plant Maintenance) / EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), WM (Warehouse Management) / eWM (Extended Warehouse Management), PP (Production Planning), IM (Inventory Management) modules. We also provide more technical missions such as ABAP development, roles and authorizations management, data recovery tools etc...

You just have to make an appointment via our link and reserve 15min with our SAP expert. He will collect your needs and define the best expert to accompany you in the most efficient way.

SAP E-Learning

Are you interested in our training platform but still have some questions in mind?

Your license gives you access to all library titles in English, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. Your subscription automatically includes all new publications. We currently plan to add 40-50 new titles per year.

Currently, it has approximately 800 learning contents.

We offer our customers immediate access upon receipt of their order. You will receive the access details by email within minutes of your purchase (if not, check your spam filter!) and you will be able to access all titles immediately.

The media (books and videos) are copyrighted and DRM protected. Access is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Yes, by using a stored IP address, the library system can recognize the corporate network and there is no need to log in with a username and password.

Subscribers to our SAP Learning Platform can terminate their subscription at any time in their "Profile" (top right) with a single click. You will receive a written confirmation by mail. You will then have your usual access until the end of the planned billing period. If you have forgotten your login data, please use our password reset function.

Yes, it is possible to print individual pages.

Yes, you can test the library for 7 days, free of charge and without obligation (no credit card required).

If you would like to test a team or company's access, please send us an email at

Each subscription is designed to be accessible by a single person with a user account and personal access information. We expressly prohibit you from sharing your access to the account, the library and the products stored in the library, either temporarily or permanently.

The old edition is technically offline. In order to continue to provide a secure reference to universities, a separate activation in the user profile is possible. Please send us an email to for more information.

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