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Become an SAP consultant

Perhaps you don't know anything about the SAP consulting profession. Or maybe you know something about the software and are wondering how you can get involved. If you are passionate about technology and business management, SAP can be a great choice for a challenging and rewarding career. Whether you're looking for new career opportunities or are looking to build on your existing skills, there are a variety of career paths that may suit you. But in this article, we'll focus on the SAP consulting profession after a quick overview of the opportunities available.

The most common jobs in the field of SAP

Indeed, SAP is one of the most popular and reliable ERP systems on the market, used by thousands of companies around the world. Moreover, this technology is essential for companies seeking to improve their operational efficiency, productivity and profitability. As a result, there are a wide variety of jobs and careers in this exciting field.

Here are some of the most common jobs in the SAP field:

SAP consultant jobs

The word "SAP Consultant" is very large. It includes all the professions offered by this ERP.

Functional Consultant

Knows the business processes and is able to transpose them into SAP. Also plays an important relational role with the customer. Usually involved in a few modules for which he is specialized.

Technical Consultant

More on the development side. Goes beyond what SAP standard offers to its customers, by improving the already existing flows. Usually works in conjunction with an SAP consultant to increase process flexibility.

It must be said that the most important thing for a consultant is improve the company's information system for which he works, improve business flows such as purchasing, sales, maintenance or the central warehouse. His role is also to support users of the solutionfrom beginning to end, and above all, adapt and be a force of proposal.

Who does an SAP consultant work for?

Clearly, today, especially with the advent of Enterprise 4.0, becoming an SAP consultant is clearly an excellent choice for the future. As such, it is a highly sought after profession by companies. In addition, the salary is therefore, moreover, very attractive. You only have to look at the job offers to quickly realize this. Take a look at the site "eursap", specialized in the placement of SAP consultants internationally:

In fact, this trade is essentially found in 2 forms:


Firstly, companies with SAP, especially large groups, are looking for consultants to work directly with them. Whether it is for the implementation of projects or assistance to End User / Key User.


Then, for smaller structures, or for very specific projects, companies call upon freelancers for fixed-term contracts. They regularly change location and have to adapt to different environments.

How to become an SAP consultant?

At first glance, SAP cannot be learned in school.

Indeed, there is no specific qualification and this profession is accessible after obtaining a License (Bac+2 - Bac+3), even if it is true that a Master's degree will stand out more in a possible hiring. In any case, the degree does not make the consultant.

In general, companies are looking for 2 types of profiles:

  • Young graduates in engineering or IT
  • People with business knowledge (purchasing department, maintenance, logistics, supply chain, etc.) who wish to reorient themselves professionally.

Obviously, for the latter, it is worthwhile to train beforehand.

So how do you become an SAP consultant today?

Here are some steps you can take that we can help you with:

Acquire basic knowledge in computer science and business management

Specialize in one or more SAP modules

Obtain an SAP certification

Gain work experience

Develop communication and problem solving skills

If you are interested in becoming an SAP consultant, we are here to help you. Indeed, we are able to guide you throughout the processFrom basic computer and business knowledge to SAP certification and work experience.

We can also help you specialize in one or more SAP modules based on your interests and career goals. In addition, we have the ability to provide training and resources to help you prepare for the SAP certification exam and succeed in your consulting career.

In addition, we are qualified to help you develop communication and problem-solving skillsThese are essential for success as an SAP consultant.

Would you like unlimited access to our entire SAP training library? Test our training platform free of charge for a 7-day trial period.

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