SAP – Functional specifications

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The digitization of physical processes through digital applications is now ubiquitous. However, it is not always easy for developers to understand the precise needs of the customer. Thus, the objective is to bridge the gap between these two ... Read More

SAP EWM : Extended Warehouse Management

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Depending on the number, variety and diversity of the products you buy, sell, store and produce, you will have different needs. Indeed, a pharmaceutical company does not have the same issues as a car manufacturing plant. Read More

SAP WM: Warehouse Structure

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Have you ever been bluffed by companies like Amazon when you place an order and it arrives at your door before you even get home from work? In fact, the logistics competition within companies is raging at ... Read More

SAP: the notion of SAP Job

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Any SAP consultant must master the job management part. Whether it is for the creation or the analysis of jobs already created. Indeed, this functionality is essential because it will allow the complete use of the resources of which the ... Read More

SAP: ABAP debugger guide

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We will see together how useful this tool can be for any SAP consultant and especially, we will see how to use it. Indeed, the ABAP debugger can also be used to analyze but especially to understand the already existing programs.

SAP : Batch Input

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The Batch Input functionality is one of the most well-known methods to transfer data to the SAP system.

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