SAP DMS Document Management System

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Today, document management is moving into the digital age. Indeed, we speak about DMS for Document Management System.

In addition, the objectives of this new technology are numerous:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Streamlining/uniformity of processes
  • Protection of sensitive/critical data
  • Optimized acquisition, processing, storage, distribution and use of documents

SAP has its own DMS integrated into its software package. It is a module that is standard in SAP solutions.

It offers several functionalities for the management and exploitation of documents.

SAP DMS: Which transactions should I use?

The functional transactions related to documentation management are as follows:

  • CV01N : create a document
  • CV02N : change a document
  • CV03N : display a document
  • CV04N : find a document

In addition, each of these transactions is also accessible via the SAP menu tree:

Good to know

In SAP, "document" means a technical object to which files can be attached. Not to be confused with "file". It is important to note this information because many beginners fall into the trap...

Functionalities of SAP DMS Document Management System

Thus, by using the Document Management System proposed by SAP, you will have access to many features:

Metadata management

First of all, the Metadata will allow you to manage different information related to the documents: the status of the documents, the version numbers, the different dates (creation date, expiration date...), the classification, the characteristics etc...

Workflow & process

In addition, SAP DMS will allow you to manage your different workflows, while having the possibility of basing yourself on previously defined document templates. Moreover, this solution will also give you the possibility to manage document approval processes.

Rights & authorizations

In fact, who else than SAP can manage the rights and authorizations of users? Thus, thanks to the SAP rights and authorizations system, you will be able to limit access to certain documents, manage the possible actions but also define approvers etc...

SAP DMS: Document Life Cycle

Indeed, a document is a "living" entity that follows its own life cycle. With SAP DMS, you will be able to manage and track the evolution of your documents through their life cycle.

In a generic way, the successive stages of the life of a document can be represented via four main stages:


First, the creation stage. The document is designed to meet a particular need (procedures, instructions, records etc...).


Then comes the validation phase. The process manager approves or not the created document.


The document being validated, it can now be shared with the concerned users.


Finally, the document reaches its final destination: archiving.

Interface connected to the SAP DMS Document Management System

Finally, if you use SAP, you already have a DMS. Via the computerized document management offered by SAP, you have the main functionalities of the field.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to use a third party solution in order to extend the range of functionality and make its use more fun. Indeed, these solutions are often simpler and easier to use because they are more "user-friendly" for the user.

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