Data synchronization between SAP ERP and EWM

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Data transfer ERP - EWM
Data transfer ERP - EWM

In an SAP system, data synchronization between different products is crucial for efficient business management. When using SAP ERP and EWM, it is essential to know which databases are common and which elements will be synchronized depending on the system chosen.

In this paper, we contrast decentralized and integrated systems, highlighting which elements have a common database and which require synchronization.

Data synchronization between SAP ERP and EWM: Shared database or synchronization?

SAP ERP and EWM are two systems that work together to manage business operations. Data synchronization between SAP ERP and EWM is therefore a crucial aspect to ensure data accuracy.

There are several methods for transferring data between SAP ERP and EWM, including using an SAP standard interface, such as ALE/EDI or Idoc, to ensure data transmission.

Depending on the system (decentralized or integrated), the data shared and synchronized will not be identical.

SAP EWM integrated (embedded)

In an integrated system, the transfer of data between SAP ERP and EWM is easier. In fact, the ERP system shares most of the data directly.

Indeed, the Supply Chain Units are the only data created in the EWM system and require manual maintenance.

Concerning the product, it will be created in Background automatically when the material is created.

The rest of the data will be shared. Here is a diagram showing these principles:

Data ERP and EWM embedded
Data ERP and EWM embedded

SAP EWM decentralized

Unlike the integrated system, the decentralized system requires a greater amount of synchronization. Indeed, it does not share the same database as SAP ERP.

Thus, it is first necessary to create the Supply Chain Unit as well as the Plant and Shipping Point manually. The ALE distribution model synchronizes the other data, or via DRF (Data replication Framework) service.

Data ERP and decentralized EWM
Data ERP and decentralized EWM

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