Data synchronization between SAP ERP and EWM

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Dans un système SAP, la synchronisation des données entre différents produits est cruciale pour une gestion efficace de l’entreprise. Lorsque vous utilisez SAP ERP et EWM, il est essentiel de connaître les bases de données communes et les éléments qui … Read More

Production Version :

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The new SAP S4/HANA technology brings new functionalities as well as some process changes. The management of "Production Versions" is part of this functional evolution. Optional in the ECC version, they become mandatory in the new S4/HANA version, and ... Read More

SAP batch determination

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In SAP, the notion of Bacth is crucial. Indeed, this functionality is used in most of the companies which need to have an increased traceability of their products, their process or their quality control. This term appears ... Read More

SAP PM - Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance, or planned maintenance, is a process that consists of intervening on a machine at regular intervals or according to predefined criteria. This business process is opposed to corrective maintenance, which consists in solving a problem or a ... Read More

Introduction to SAP Fiori

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SAP is, as a rule, very complicated to digest for end users. In order to address this issue, SAP has implemented a new solution that greatly improves the quality of use. Thanks to SAP Fiori, end-users have the opportunity to ... Read More

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